Introduction: Easy Way to Change a Tire

This is a step by step Instructable of how to change a flat or damaged tire on your car. It is an essential skill that we will be required to face at some point. I'll guide you to make sure the job is completed correctly and safely!

Step 1: Safety

First off, make sure your car is turned off and in the parked position. Also, don't forget to engage your parking brake! I know this sounds obvious, but you'll be surprised how many people forget about it. You don't want your car moving around while its being lifted up in the air!

Step 2: Wedge the Tire

Use a wedge for extra safety while jacking up the car. The wedge should be placed diagonally opposite of the tire you are taking off the car. While this step is not required, I highly recommend it for heavier cars that may over power the parking break due to a little thing called gravity.

Step 3: Loosening the Lug Nuts

Remove the caps or wheel cover to get to the lug nuts. Take a lug wrench and loosen the nuts going in a counter clockwise rotation. Make sure you don't try to loosen the nuts while the car is in the air, it will shake the car and could slip off the jack.

Step 4: Raising the Car

Nowadays, some cars come with the jack. They can usually be found hidden in the back under the side tray. Otherwise, you can find a jack at a local automotive or hardware store. Make sure you are on level ground before trying to raise the car, or it may result in your car flipping over. Place the jack near the tire you are taking off the car. Check that the jack is lined up with the metal frame of the car ( also check the manual for specific jack points for your vehicle ), which will be the point where all the weight is displaced. Proceed to raise the car, only going high enough to where the tire is just above the ground.

Step 5: Tire Removal, and Replacement

With the tire off the ground, unscrew and take off the loosened lug nuts. Carefully, lift the tire and slide it off the wheelbase. The spare can be found underneath the car and will simply unscrew. Place the spare onto the wheelbase, and just barely screw on the lug nuts. Lower the car, and in a star pattern tighten the lug nuts in a clockwise rotation. The star pattern allows for an even placement onto the wheel, while tightening the nuts.

Step 6: Ready to Drive!

With your wheel replaced, your ready to hit the road! If you have a temporary spare on, most only last about a 100 or so miles. So, take it to your local garage to get the right tire placed on your car, good luck!