Introduction: Easy Way to Construct a 3 Story Lego Building

This post will not directly show you how to build this model, It is more to guide you. Use the steps I give you to create your building, It doesn't have to be 3 stories, that's why there really is only steps on the first part. Just trust me and you can build anything with that. I can show you how to do anything with Lego, tell me what you want to learn and I'll show you.

Step 1:

The first step to any type of Lego building is choosing a base plate. In the first photo you'll see a variety of base plates that you can choose from. In the second photo there is a structure already created, in this case that will be my base plate. If you would like to know how to create a natural base plate just comment down below and I'll gladly make another post showing you how. I can also create a post on how to create and design furniture, people, and other aspects of buildings.

Step 2: Outline Your Build

When you start thinking of building something think of the shape you want the building to make or how it will look with a certain shape. I outline the area I want to construct the buildings with (white outline).

Step 3: 1st Floor

The next step to making your building is to create your walls (hint symmetry helps). In the first I start building my walls. Now the reason I don't show you a step by step is because that's boring, I'm not doing this to give you instructions, I'm doing this to show you steps... Make it original. The second photo is the first floor of my building complete. The third photo is the floor, you want to make a floor so you can take apart each floor to access the complete layout.

Step 4: 2nd Floor and 3rd Floor

The first thing I did was design the wall (first photo). The second and third photo is just the completed 2nd floor. The fourth photo is the complete third floor. I could show you a step by step of the whole project but no one wants that. I know that the only thing people really when building is guidance, just break it into steps. You have to see it in your head before you build it, plan out everything in your head first. If there is anything that you need in specific comment it and I'll show you, this is my first post and definitely not my last.