Introduction: Easy Way to Fix a Xbox 360 Stuck Disc Tray.

Hi guys, This will show you how to fix your stuck Xbox 360 Disc tray, feel free to comment, send any suggestions and questions.

Step 1: Credit Card (Best Way)

This way is the best and healthiest way to open a stuck disc tray! It's simple, when you hear the Xbox 360 disc tray trying to open simple put your credit card or any flexible card on the right side of the disc tray then flick the card towards you. Then it should just open!

Step 2: Hands (okay Way)

It's very similar to the card way (above). When you hear the disc tray trying to open just use your hand to pull the tray towards you.

Step 3: Bash the Side! (Worst Way)

This way is in my opinion the most unhealthy way for your Xbox 360, it's simple when you hear the disc tray trying to open just simply hit the Xbox on the right side then it will open!