Easy Wire Wrapping: Rocks and Pebbles




Introduction: Easy Wire Wrapping: Rocks and Pebbles

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Turn an ordinary simple stone into a wearable piece of art <3

1. Thin gauge wire. I use 22g for mine, but you can use whatever you're comfortable with.
2. Wire cutters. Could be part of a 3-in-1 tool you get from many beading kits, or a pair by themselves (getting a pair from the hardware store may be cheaper than getting jewelry ones)
3. A rock or pebble from anywhere. Could be one someone has given you, picked up on the side of the road, wherever! When I have them, I like using the stones you get from gift shops in vacation areas, because of the polished, bright colors.
4. OPTIONAL: Seed beads. String a few of them on each wire before you twist them together, and it will look amazing. Especially if you use A.) complementing colors, B.) contrasting colors, C.) a mix of both. (PS. THAT MEANS THE SEED BEADS COMPLEMENT/CONTRAST YOUR STONE) White, black, gold, and silver seed beads can go with any color stone you choose.


Step 1: Wire

Choose your wire. I have colored wire, so I choose a color close to that of the rock. Start by unraveling a generous length and cut it. Then, fold that piece in half and cut it again.

Step 2: Wrapping Your Stone

Hold the wire in the middle and twist it tightly 3 or 4 times. You may have to "separate" the wires in order to twist them tighter. Separate the wires and hold the twist against the bottom of your stone. If you want to add beads, string a few on each wire. Now twist together the wires on the same side of the stone, but opposite sides of the bottom twist. It sounds more complicated than it is, really. Continue this until you reach the top. The stone will end up looking like it's captured in a [beaded] wire net.

Step 3: Making the Hanging Loop

When you're finished with making the wire net around your stone, and get to the top, you can make your bail. This is the hanging loop at the top of a pendant, if you're making a necklace. I'll just refer to it as a bail, no matter what it's being used for. ANYWAY! Gather all the wires together at the top and twist them all together. Grab a pair of needle nose pliers (easier with round nose jewelry pliers) and curl the twisted wires under to make a loop. Cut off any excess with your wire cutters (easier to precision cut with flush cutters). TA-DA! Now you're done!!

Step 4: Nail Polish Anyone?

If you want to keep your wires from becoming unraveled, paint some clear nail polish onto the bail. This will also keep the wires from rusting or getting tarnished.

Step 5: Other Projects

Here are some other pieces I made using this technique

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    Ooo very pretty technique! Have you thought about using your phone for pictures instead? The cameras in phones are getting better and better.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I don't have a phone. If I did, i would use it, but I only have my laptop.