Introduction: Easy Wood Picture Frame

A simple cardboard frame is the perfect way to spice up your room.Use a frame and easy to buy supplies to make your personal picture frame. In that picture frame you can hang upon a few pictures.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools and Supplies

S U P P L I E S:

- Old frame (size 7x5)

- 2 pieces of ribbon

- Hot glue gun / glue sticks
- Mini clothespins
- Newspaper

- thumbtacks

( - paint if you want to change colour of the frame )

Step 2: Painting the Frame

The next step is to paint the frame. Later you will glue pieces from newspapers on the frame. But left some holes, so the color can come out. You can choose any color you want. You may also skip this step with painting but I wanted to have a some little holes which are colored. If you have not such a viscous color you must paint the picture with the color several times to have finally an intense color.

Step 3: Tear the Newspaper

While the frame is dried, the third step is to tear the newspaper in many stripes which we clue on the frame. The stirpes shouldn’t be so long, they also could be round. You can choose any form you want. Don’t use only one page of newspaper rather a few pages. Pay attention that on the stripes are not always the same font and same color. You can also cut out some big letters/ words, so that they are emphasized on the frame.

In the pictures you can see how i cut the different stripes and the several stripes out of newspaper

Step 4: Gluing the Stripes

The next step is to glue the finished stripes out of newspaper on the frame. Work like with a collage so that different stripes from different newspaper pages are next to each other. The pieces can overlap each other. They also can cut each other so that it all looks a bit messy. If you have big single letters/ words you can glue them on top of the other pieces. So the fonts are emphasized. So left also small holes that the red of the frame can come out.

In the pictures you can see how i glued the stripes on the frame, they also overlap each other. The other pictures show the finished frame from different perspectives.

Step 5: Making the Ribbon Stripes in Frame

To create the main part of the frame we need the ribbon. Turn the picture frame on the other side. Take the thumbtacks and place them on different positions of the backside of the frame. Make sure that they are well fastened. Beside a thumbtack take the glue and glue the beginning of the ribbon. Wrap the ribbon around the first thumbtack than take the ribbon and wrap it around the others and make that several times. That creates the picture of the different knits. When you are finished take the end of the ribbon and glue it like the beginning on the frame beside a thumbtack. If the thumbtacks are to loose you can also use a hammer to fix them but pay attention that the thumbtacks are too attached.

In the pictures you can see how the thumbtacks are fixed to other picture show the finished product.

Step 6: Place Mini Clothespins and Hang Upon

At least place the mini clothes pins on the ribbon. You can also decorate the pins to make it more creative. In addition to that if the picture frame has no hanger you can glue with the hot glue gun to fix the other piece of ribbon. So there is the finished product.