Introduction: Easy Wooden Christmas Snowman!

Hi, this is my first Instructable. Sorry for any errors. I'm writing this on my iPhone, with a cracked screen:/

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for you cutting off your fingers! (Or if your snowman sucks)

Sorry for the lack of photos. I will upload more. 

Step 1: Draw the Snowman Body

There are plenty of ways to make the circles needed to create the body.
I used 4' x 2 1/2' x 9/16" plywood. 
I took the approach of finding random items lying around my backyard, and I happen to find some perfect size circular items. I then traced them.
Another way to create circles is to put a nail in the center of your wood(leaving enough room for the circumference of your circles, without going over the edge. Cut a piece of string HALF of how big you want your circle. Tie to the nail, then to a pencil on the opposite side. And draw a circle, doing a few full revolutions around the nail without tilting the pencil. Keep it tight, straight up, not at an angle.
**For both routes, ensure you overlap the circles slightly, by maybe an inch to an inch and a half.
Obviously, make the top smaller than the middle, and the bottom bigger than the middle.

Step 2: Cut the Body

Cut the body using either a jigsaw or a router.
When cutting the circles, do not stress making them PERFECT, of course you want it circular. But, its a snowman! Remember to hold the saw tight, and follow the drawing as close as you can. try not to stop too many times, you'll run a bigger chance of making irregular cuts. Stop where the two circles intercept. So, now, you be wondering how to turn the saw to start the next circle. Please see the provided picture. I cut from the edge of the wood, about 3 inches up from the interception, then once I get close to the circle I align my blade up with the circle, and continue following the line until I meet previous cut, the start up and continue around. Unneeded pieces will begin to fall of, making it easier to cut. keep going until you have a snowman! You can make the bottom flat. But, I opted to keep it round.
Now sand down the edges using 80-120 grit to smooth out any imperfections, and to round out the body. Then use 160+ grit to smooth out the whole thing, preparing for paint. I used an electric palm sander, which works great for smoothing out the edges. But, sanding by hand works too.

Step 3: Paint!

It should now be prepared for paint, assuming you followed my directions and sanded!
But, anyways. I chose spray paint, you can choose your own method of painting to put your own spin on him(or her?)
Obviously choose white, I wanted to make him look like snow so I used textured spray paint, which came out okay. But, next time I would go with regular spray paint, or craft paint. The texture, just wasn't as I envisioned.

Step 4: The Nose!

Go to your fridge and grab a carrot, seriously, I'm hungry.
Anyways, I cut out a triangular piece of wood, and painted it orange, using craft paint. 
I screwed it on from the back. But, I'm sure glue would work fine too:)

Step 5: The Features!

I glued on black buttons for the eyes.
Black buttons for the buttons down the 2nd part? duhh!
But, hes your snowman! Decorate how you please!

Step 6: The Hat and Scarf!

You can simply buy a black hat from the store, or make your own! Its easy! I followed no template and made it goofy. I just cut out a hat with the jigsaw, painted it blue and stapled some white fabric onto it! I didn't even draw it on! Just make sure its proportionate to his head.
Now once its dry, screw it in from the back(or the front, for more stability) I chose the back to hide the screws.

I then sprayed the whole thing with a clear coat to protect it from getting beat up and damaged from the weather. 

My gf made the scarf using cheap fabric and some cool Christmas buttons!

Step 7: Stake!

You can choose your own method of staking it into the ground. I cut 1 1/2 x 1/2" piece of wood, sharpened the edge with the jigsaw and sander, secured it to the back of the snowman using screws and hammered it into the ground using a screwdriver. Just kidding, an allen wrench. I HAMMERED it into the ground, what did you think I used?

Step 8: And....You're Done! WOOOO HOOOOO!!!

Thank you for viewing my instructable;) 
I will be uploading newer pics soon.
If you don't like my techniques, then just don't use em'. Don't harass me though. Thanks:))))
Have any questions? Just ask!