Introduction: Easy Wooden Desk Lamp

In this build I will show you how to make an easy desk lamp that you can build in few hours.

Step 1: What You Will Need - Materials

- 15mm x 50mm beech wood (or any other hardwood) (2 metres long)

- 15mm x 30mm beech wood (or any other hardwood) (at least 0,5m)

- 20cm x 20cm x 4cm block of same wood (for base)(you can use anything else for base if you want)

- 0,5m led strip (at least 12W/m)

- 0,5m 2-pole cable

- M6 x 60mm bolt with nylon lock nut (and some washers if you dont have even thick wood)

- 1 torque screw (it has to be at least 3cm longer than how base is thick)

- power jack (female connector)

- 2 position switch

- electrical tape

- hot glue

- wood glue

- some plastic for not scratching a desk

- 12V 1A DC Power supply

- acrylic sheet of glass (OPTIONAL)

Step 2: What You Will Need - Tools

- clamps (as many as possible, I used 4 clamps)(if you have more, you can glue more thing at the same time)

- drill

- drill bits (6mm, 3mm (for screw), same diameter as cable(i used 5mm) and drill bit which is same size as dc power connector)

- 10 mill hex bit, torque screw bit

- saw (I used tracsaw for cutting and making channel for cable)(you can also use just had saw)

- chisel (for making hole for switch that is rectangular shape)

- pencil

- 90 degree ruler

- countersink bit (depends on which M6 bolt head type you have)

- soldering iron with solder

- wire stripper (or just knife)

Step 3: Cutting Wood to Pieces You Need

- cut pieces of wood in dimensions shown on picture

- the take 2 of 40cm pieces, clamp them together (I used double-sided tape) and cut them under 22 degree angle (this will make lamp tilted)

Step 4: Making the Main Piece

- clamp the 2 pieces with 22 degree angle together again but with clamps

- drill a hole for dc jack connector and make a rectangular hole for switch with drill and chisel (dc jack hole must be closer to end with 22 degree angle)

- make a channel on one side for cable (as on picture)(I used tracksaw, if you dont have tracksaw, you can also drill mane holes and make channel like that)

- drill a hole from side (while having pieces clamped together) that is longer for a cable

- you can see pictures how to do it

- solder switch and dc connector like on picture and test if it fits

- make sure that polarity is right

- if yes, then you can secure everything with hot glue

- apply wood glue and close it with another piece

- secure everything with clamps and wait as long as manufacturer of wood glue wrote on glue

Step 5: Making Top Piece

- take remaining pieces of wood and glue it with wood glue as shown on pictures

Step 6: Connecting Top and Main Piece

- take M6 bolt and nylon lock nut and test if it is tight enough in joint

- if no, then take some washers and place them between two pieces like I did

- drill a 6mm hole trough both pieces

- be aware that there is cable inside

- screw everything together with that M6 bolt and tighten the nut for optimal moving pressure (as you will be able to move top piece of lamp to adjust light, you need to have pressure to hold lamp from falling but not as high pressure that you will not be able to move with lamp)

- drill a hole like on picture on top piece for cable to pass trough

- test if lamp can stand without falling (it shouldnt fall)

Step 7: LEDs

- cut 2 pieces of 25cm led strip

- solder + and - on strip to a cable

- stick both led strips on wood and tape connections with electrical tape

- test if LEDs are working

Optional - you can use sanded piece of plexiglass (acrylic sheet of glass) and glue it on top of led strips to make leds not visible

Step 8: Connecting Base to Lamp

- secure lamp on the base as shown on pictures

- drill a hole for screw and apply wood glue between lamp and base

- tighten the screw and let the glue dry with claps still on

Step 9: Sanding and Applying Oil

- sand every area down to 240 grid

- wipe dust off with paper towel and apply oil you like with sponge

- after oil dries, sand wood with 240grid sandpaper lightly in direction of wood grain and apply oil again

Step 10: Adding Plastic Legs and Power Rating

- glue plastic legs with hot glue and stick a label with power rating

Step 11: Power Supply

- I use 12V and 2A power supply

Step 12: Finished Product

- you now have a perfect lamp for your desk

Step 13: Images

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