Introduction: Easy Wooden Non-shooting Halo Assault Rifle Replica

I wanted to make something with my brother, and what better to make than a replica of one of the coolest-looking guns in Halo? All you need are some 2x4s, some kind of small cone, a circular tube about 3/4 inch wide, a chopstick, and spray paint. You may also need a jigsaw, drill, some screws, and a spade bit set. It also turns out that I put the rear piece on backwards.

Step 1: The Mainframe

2 26 inch long 2x4s
Spray paint

First, I made the template 26 inches long, taped the sheets together, and cut it out, cutting off the barrel and flashlight. Then I taped it to the side-by side 2x4s and traced it. Then, I cut the pieces out with a jigsaw and painted them.

Step 2: The Barrel and Flashlight

Small cone (I used a rubber stopper)
Some kind of 3/4 inch tube (I used a nozzle from an electric golf cart water pump)

First, I took the rubber stopper and drilled a hole smaller than the chopstick in the middle of it. Then, I slid the chopstick in and made sure it didn't come out. If it does, hot glue it in. Then I painted it and the nozzle.

Step 3: Putting It All Together

Drill and spade bit set
4 hex screws
Hot glue gun

I placed the wood pieces as shown and placed th hex screws as shown. Then, I used a spade bit slightly bigger than the stopper on the tip of the biggest piece and made a hole as shown. Then I used one slightly bigger than the nozzle on the biggest of the other two pieces. I placed the barrel (the stopper) in the first hole and the flashlight (the nozzle) in the other and hot glued them in. Now you're done! Easy, right? Comment and vote!

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