Introduction: Easy Wooden Slat Mat /Wall Art

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I love all colors of rich wood...that God has given us and always like to incorporate various wood colors in my projects. Unfortunately exotic colored wood is very expensive and sometimes hard to come by.
Therefore I'm really grateful for wood stains!
Here is a easy as can get slat mat. If you do an online search you would find many slat mats with colors and almost all are drilled.
This is so simple it is just right for a beginners project

Step 1: Materials

Sheet of rubber
wooden slats cut to equal lengths ( mine is 20" x 1"  x 3/4")
Wood preservative
wood stain ( oil or water based)
clear polythene varnish

Step 2: Preparing the Wood

Cut 2 long strips of rubber from the sheet. Mine was 1 1/2 " wide and 30" long
Next Prepare the wood.

Preparing the wood is very important as you don't want all your hard work go to waste with termites!
First Sand your slats...
then clean them with a rag cloth and apply a coat of concentrated wood preservative.
My wooden slats were all scrap wood i had around...therefore the thickness of the wood i sanded the slats with 80 grit glued them to the rubber strips and then sanded them level....i don't own a planer. So i applied the wood preservative after i glued and sanded the  slats. If your wood slats are of the same could sand and apply wood preservative  before you fix it to the rubber strips.

Step 3: Glueing

Mark on both sides about 3 1/2" from the edge. If some of your slats have some natural color arrange them in a way that is pleasing to you.
Now prepare your epoxy and and place the rubber strips on the fist slat on either side on the mark. For the next slat place a spacer on either side and glue the next slat. Continue till all slats are used or till you come to the end of your rubber strip. :-)
Now place some heavy bricks on the rubber and leave overnight.
Now sand the top of your slat mat level...this you need to do only if your slats are of various thickness.
Clean your mat and apply the preservative if you haven't done it.
Do not worry if your glue shows as epoxy dries clear.
Your basic slat mat is done!
Now let's make it beautiful!

Step 4: Staining

Test your stains on scrap wood. There are oil based and water based stains...I used both. Water based is easier as you can always wash off the stain if you don't like it.
Now some would say use a sanding's each ones preferences. I prefer not to as i want the grain to show.
In the snap i have used mahogany polythene and teak polythene, ebony , teak and again mahogany (water based)
If you are using water based stains don't worry at the dull look after it dries...the clear finish you give at the end will bring out the rich colors.
I stained the slats randomly and left a few without stains for i wanted the lighter color too! Also...always stain with the grain and not against the grain.
I gave a couple of thick coats as it would be used for the feet!

Now step back and admire your beautiful rainbow slat mat!

( I gave it to my mom and she thinks it's a crime to keep your feet on such a piece! haha....i'll ask her if she wants me to convert it to wall art :-D ...if she says yes...i'll post an instructable on check back and see )

I hope you enjoy making this and even if you don't make it but enjoyed reading it...please rate and vote for it  above in the  Make it stick contest.

Step 5: Wall Art???

Coming up..... :-) so stay tuned! haha

Well here it is...
what you need
news paper
some think wire..but you should be able to bend it
black thread and needle
circular mirror
black paint

How to-
bend and twist the wire with a needle nose pliers to spiral shapes. Twist and connect wires to each other. Cover the joints with tape. (if you have a welder..this step can be avoided)
Paint all black.

For the mirrors...
fold news paper in half and then fold so you have four sections. please refer to pictures. cut away at the fold so you have a long strip.
place a barbecue stick at an angle and roll tightly...glue close.
make paper sticks according to how many mirrors you want to stick.
place mirrors on corrugated cardboard and cut the shape out.
apply hot glue around the cut  circle and paste the newspaper stick to it. twist so that you get a coil.
now paint how you would like...I painted it black and gave a brush of bronze.
stick your mirrors into its frame.

Tie the wire with black thread on to the back.
place double stick tape on the back of the mirrors and stick it where your will! that's it!
Isn't it pretty???

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