Introduction: Easy Altoids Wallet

What is this wallet

My wallet doesnt have a coin section so I am a,ways forced to have all my loose change in my pocket. When I try and pay for something it's very difficult because I have to sort through to find the right amount of money so I made this wallet, it costs absolutely nothing. 
Fyi this is my first instructible. 

Step 1: Materials

All you need for this is one regular sized Altoids tin, a rubber band, some sticky tape, scissors, card and loose change.

Step 2: Construction

Measure the length of card needed and cutto the right height and length. Put in the different coins you have and place the card in between, for extra strength fold the card in half. Carefully place the card down, while upright, and tape the bottom of the tin to the side of the card.
Tape the sides of the card together as well for extra strength. However do not tape all sides because the card has to bend to so that you can reach any coins at the bottom. Repeat this for tho other sections and you have finished, then use the rubber band to hold the lid shut. It fits in your pocket and is very durable. 
This wallet makes it easy to find the right amount of money for the train etc.
have fun.
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