Easy and Pretty Mouse Pad

Introduction: Easy and Pretty Mouse Pad

You will need the following materials:
Fabric to provide traction so your pad doesn't slip on the desk (felt works well; I used flannel)
A picture that you like
Contact Paper (clear kind so you can see the picture)

Step 1: Cut Out Picture and Fabric.

Cut the fabric to the exact same size as the picture.  My picture and fabric are small, because I do not want to use up a lot of desk space and thus made a small mouse pad.

Step 2: Cut Out Contact Paper.

Cut the contact paper out slightly larger than the picture/fabric.

Step 3: Assemble.

Place the picture on top of the fabric.  Then place the contact paper on top of both of those pieces.  Wrap the contact paper around the back, and secure with tape if necessary.  It works very well.

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