Introduction: Easy and Quick Oreo Milkshake With Ice-cream

Hey friends,

This is my first cooking category instructable. It's about making an amazing and delicious Oreo Milkshake with ice-cream. It is super easy to make and the ingredients are also easily available. I think it to be a perfect after-school recipe that you can make by yourself.

If you try this out, then do share your experience and also like and share this instructable. 😊


Milk - 1 glass
Oreo biscuits -( 4 to 5)
Vanilla Ice cream - 3 scoops
Chocolate syrup

Step 1: Preparation of Oreo Milk Shake 😋

Take one glass of milk in a vessel. (In which you can use hand blender)
Add 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream in it.
Then add pieces of 3-4 Oreo biscuits. (You can add even more if you want to😁)
Add one spoon of chocolate syrup and then blend it out.
And your Oreo milk shake is ready!!!❤️
(*You can make the milk shake in mixture grinder too!)

Step 2: Serving 😀

Take a glass and decorate it with chocolate syrup as shown in the picture.
Now pour the Oreo milk shake in it.
Add one scoop of Vanilla ice-cream on top of it and also keep some Oreo biscuit pieces over the ice cream.
Drizzle some chocolate syrup to make it look more tempting. 😍

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