Introduction: Easy and Quick Sand Playing Pool

This is very easy and quick sand playing pool for kids. I did it in an hour at lunch break in my workplace. Even though it does not take up much space in your garden, it has enough space to play for your child or your nephew. If you have salvaged wood or pallet etc, you can do it. So lets begin.

Step 1: Getting Started

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to safety working with saws and nail gun or even with hammer.

Tools and materials needed are as belows.


• Circular saw or Tiger saw or Handsaw
• Nail gun or Claw hammer
• Nail (According to plank length)
• Sanding Block or Sand paper


• Plank (preferably from pallets)
• Cardboard separator
• Thick garbage bag

Step 2: Drawing and Planning

I had this boards which was used as a base for large sheet steel coils. I started by taking measurements of the boards and then i designed the pool to be minimum workmanship. It is really helpful to decide and design how to do it before you start. Thus, you do minimum work and minimum mistake.

Step 3: Assembling

After planning and ensuring safety, i started to assembly boards. Base of the pool assembled on three support board to avoid from humidity of the soil or concrete. I tried to assemble the boards as close to each other as possible. After finishing the base, i put the cardboard separator in the garbage bag and adjusted it to the pool base. I used the long sides of the boards and the scheme in the design. I complete the installation by cutting just four boards down to 10cm.

Step 4: Adding Places to Sit

When the construction completed, i realised that there is no place to sit when playing. So i cut one of the boards as three section to become triangle and nailed to the corners. Then i sanded sharp edges with sanding block.

Step 5: Game Time

And done :) He/she can enjoy after adding sand to the pool :)

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