Introduction: Easy and Simple Arduino Robot Arm

Hello fellow iblers!

This is to serve as a small guide to replicating my most recent project; an Arduino based robotic arm.

First off I would like to acknowledge the help of Instructables user steveastrouk for getting me started on the programming, and my good friend Sean Ulrich for spending 6 hours debugging this thing with me.

Do to a technology failure I don't have any of the progress pictures otherwise this would be a full ible, I apologize for the inconvenience and hope that I supply enough information here to help get you on your way. So let's get started!

Here is a list of parts I used:

1x Arduino Uno
4x Large Servo
1x Medium Servo
1x Robotic Claw
1x Small Breadboard
4x Potentiometer
2x Toggle Switch
1x Battery Case for 4 D-cells (6v)
1x Arduino Battery Clip
~2 square feet of birch plywood 1/8' thickness
1/2 inch diameter basswood dowels
2x 1'x1'x3' blocks of basswood
~2.5 lbs of lead beads
5x servo wire extensions
Some decent compression spring to keep the load off of the servos when fully extended
Some kind of enclosure (I used tin boxes I bought at Michael's)

And an absolute buttload of hot glue.

The Code is attached as a txt file.

Please take not of the footnotes on the pictures for more details.

EDIT: Here is a video-

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