Introduction: Easy (and Fun) Notepad Script

Here I am going to show you an easy (and hilarious) script using only notepad.

Step 1:

First open up notepad. Next, type in
lol=msgbox("You's been haxed, nub!",6,"Super-Hack")
You can change the words in quotes to whatever you want, this was just what I used.The first one is the content of the message box, the second is the headline of it.
Then save it as resource.vbs in an empty folder.(BUT: You must change the thing that says "Save as type" from .txt file to "All files")

Step 2:

Now, open up another new Notepad.
Type in:
start resource
Then copy and paste that a bunch of times.(10-15)
Then type in:
start opener
Save it as opener .bat and make sure it's not set to .txt file, it's on "All files".

Step 3:

You probably don't want to open it unless you're testing it out(if you are, open the "opener" .bat file)
If you do test it out, close anything, save it, all that stuff. This won't harm your computer, it just opens up that message box that says "You's been haxed, nub!" or whatever you changed it to-a ton of times.
If you want, you can put it on a flash drive and mess around with your friends by opening it on their computer, or put it in a .zip file and e-mail it to someone.
Have fun!
-Omniscient Burrito