Introduction: Photo-Pebbles..Easy As D-I-Y!

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These Cute Glass pebbles are the perfect no-reason-but-just-'cause gift!

I wanted to give my mom something that had siblings and I as kids (Mothers Day Gift, Anyone?).

These are Super easy so lets get started!

Step 1: What You Need:


Floral Glass Pebbles (The Less Shiny, the better)

Mod-Podge (or any glue that dries clear)

A print out of what you want to make: Vintage photo's, your Favorite Cartoon Character, your Initials..

Paperclips (for a bookmark)/ Magnets (For Fridge Magnets)/ Pendant Hooks (For a Pendant)

Note: If you have larger magnets that are still smaller than the circumference to the glass, use those. These tiny ones where the only ones I had..)

Step 2: Snug As a Bug

The Glass pebbles I bought came in different sizes. So if you have the same problem,I would recommend taking some time to find the right sized glass pebble for each picture.

Step 3: Mod-Podge Away..

Apply Mod-Podge to the back of your pebble. Or you can apply it to your image directly.

(No sniffing)

Step 4: Stick Your Pebble in Place

Apply Glass Pebble directly over the image. Push down hard to push away excess glue.

Pretty soon, the glue will dry up and you will see your image through the glass.

Let It dry completely..

Step 5: Scissor-Time!

Cut out your image around the pebble. Try and be as close as possible to the edge.

Watch those Fingers!

Step 6: Stick Your Base of Choice

Depending on what you want to make, you can either

1.Glue a Paperclip to make a Bookmark

2.Glue a Magnet to make a Fridge Magnet

3.Glue a pendant hook to make a Pendant.

Apply glue to the back of the pebble and stick your base of choice.

Step 7: Make It Your Own..

As I started making these, I didn't realize how many different things you could make out of these fun pebbles.

So if you are looking for a quick craft, it almost doesn't get better than this..

Step 8: Until Next Time..

And as always,

Keep Being Creative..!

Until next time folks.