Introduction: Easy Bamboo Cellphone Music Amplifier (10 Minutes)

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Make (in 10 minutes) a music "natural amplifier" for your cellphone or iPod!

Step 1: Safety

1) Safety Gloves;
2) Safety glasses;
3) Knowledge of working with jigsaw;
4) Knowledge of working with power tools;
5) Knowledge of using Dremel;
6) Knowledge of working with sharp tools.

Step 2: Tools and Equipment

I used the following tools and equipment but you can use hand tools or tools that do the same job.

1) Panga / Slasher;
2) Jigsaw;
3) Drill;
4) Dremel;
5) Piece of bamboo.

Step 3: The Bamboo

Buying bamboo is easier than cutting your own but I like doing things myself.

Before going ahead with cutting/slashing the bamboo, make sure that you pic out a spot and direction in which you can let the bamboo fall, without damaging property, animals, people, ect.

Also make sure that there are no power, telephone or other cables and lines near the bamboo you are cutting.

As a rule, I always make sure that a redius equal to the length of the bamboo is clear of wires, cables, animals, people, etc. around the selected bamboo.

Take the panga/slasher and cut where I am pointing out in photo 2.

Strip, cut, slash the branches and leaves from the bamboo as shown in photo 3.

Select a nice thick piece for the "natural sound amplifier" part.

Cut a section as shown in Photo 4 and make sure that it is 2 lengths long as shown in photo 4!

Step 4: Final Step

Measure the distance from tip to tip.
Take halve of that distance and mark it on the bamboo.

This will be the centre of the cell phone or iPod hole you need to cut.

Measure the phone or device (the part that needs to fit inside the bamboo) and mark that length on the bamboo (with the already marked halfway mark in the centre of the two new markings)

Let's say that the total length of your piece of bamboo (2 lengths long) is 60cm.

Your first mark (centre mark) must be made at 30cm.

If your phone is 8cm wide, you must make a mark 4cm to the left of the first mark (centre mark) and also 4cm to the right of the first mark (centre mark.)

Drill holes (the width of your device) on the 3 markings you made.

Take the jigsaw and cut in a straight line from one hole to the next.

Take your Dremel and make the cut wider to fit your phone or device.

Take your jigsaw and cut the ends of the bamboo (openings must face in the direction the sound must go) at an angle as shown in photos 1 and 2.

Step 5: Inserting Your Phone/iPad.....

Select your music, crank up the volume and insert your device into the bamboo.


I hope that this instructable can help someone.