Easy Bullet Necklace




Introduction: Easy Bullet Necklace

For a simple gift, I decided to take some of my favorite rounds of rifle ammunition and fashion them into a thoughtful (and cheap) necklace for my wife. 

Safety glasses
Various loaded cartridges
Drill press or hand drill (I used a drill press)
Twine, string or other necklace material (I used hemp)
Drill bits
Clasp device

Start by selecting how you want the bullets to be arranged and mark the points where you have to drill for the string to pass though.  One the hole is drilled though, carefully dump out the gunpowder and set aside. I used a larger bit and chamfered the edges of the holes to make them burr-free.  Thread the string through and add the clasps. 

In the end, I used a square knot and then a half hitch on the clasps to prevent fraying. Add a drop of super glue as you see fit. 

No need to make this seem more complicated than it is,... you could easily add beads, charms, pistol rounds or whatever else you want. 


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    8 years ago

    Drills cause heat you know and heat lights gun powder and then boom!!! A safer option would be leather wrapped around the slug and pulled out with pliers then drill then reinstall slug. Or just use empty casings and go to a sporting goods store and buy a box of slugs $18 and you better think your life is worth $18


    9 years ago

    well thats dumb what if it sparked the gunpowder fireing the bullet