Easy But Awesome Pranks for School and Work

Introduction: Easy But Awesome Pranks for School and Work

Using basic materials like post-its, paper cups, paperclips, hair, hole punches, mice, and common desk objects, its super simple to drive someone insane with these quick and easy pranks!

Step 1: Post-Its

Missing Numbers

Get 8 post-it notes, and write the number 1-10 on them, skipping two like 4 and 7. Then, hide a few in plain sight and the rest a bit more discreetly, and watch them writhe in pain as they try to find the missing numbers.

Illegible Annoyance

Leave a post-it note on someone's desk that says "See me immediately!". Then make the signature illegible.

Label Everything

Label every single item on someone's desk with post it notes. Fairly time consuming, so having a team is recommended.

Step 2: Cups of Water

Floor Cover

Fill many glasses with water and just cover the floor with them. To get through, someone will either have to spill them or spend the time to pick them up.

Unstoppable Spill

Fill a few glasses with water, and just put a piece of construction paper over them. Due to air pressure, you can safely turn the cup over with the paper covering the opening, and be sure no water will spill out. Finally, put them on the floor, then slide the paper out. To remove the cups, someone will almost assuredly spill the water.

Step 3: Paperclips or Hair

Simply put a paperclip or a strand of hair in side the copy machine, and print about 50 pages of it. Then replace the blank paper with this "pranked" paper, and anyone who wants to use the printer will fruitlessly search for the hair or paperclip thats messing up their documents!

Step 4: Office Supplies (Mouse, Keyboard, Etc)

These pranks are often the ones that drive people crazy the longest.


1) Get a wireless mouse with a tiny usb connector, and connect it to the victim's computer. Throughout the day, move your mouse just a bit, enough to mess them up.

2) Tape a piece of clear tape under their mouse laser. It'll subtly mess with their movements until they notice their mouse isn't moving right.


Replace two keys with each other, especially keys that people don't generally touch type; keys like + or -. Its fairly simple to just slide a thin pencil tip underneath and pop the keys out

Step 5: Paper Hole Punches

Fan Trick

Using a chair or desk, simply climb up to someone's fan and put tons of those tiny hole punches on top. When they use it, the paper will fly everywhere!


If it's a rainy day, you're in luck! Pour a bunch of hole punches into a closed umbrella. As soon as someone tries to open it, they'll be covered in tiny pieces of paper.

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    WOWOWOWOW!!!!!! These are the best pranks EVER!!!! Thanks HEAPS!!


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    Now I know even better why I live by myself.


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