Introduction: Easy Dip 3.

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This is a third in our series of easy dips. This time we will use green peas as the base.

Step 1: Ingredients.


2 - cans green peas.
1/2 - diced onion.
1 - diced Roman tomato or a can of pre-sliced tomatoes.
1 - clove minced garlic.
2  - tablespoons or so or lemon and or lime juice
Cilantro or Italian parsley.
1/2 - diced bell pepper.

Step 2: Get Dicey.

Dice your tomato, onion, bell pepper, and garlic.
Be sure to drain the tomatoes well.

Step 3: Mash It Up.

Drain the liquid from the can of peas into the sink or other disposal means leaving the peas in the can.
Empty the peas into a bowl.
Using a potato masher pulverizer the peas to your favorite consistency.
Add the other ingredients and spices and then gently fold together.

Step 4: Serve.

Add the chips and eat.