Introduction: Easy Flat Bread.

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Flat bread is eaten all over the world. Everyone calls it something different. When you add a little homemade cheese (or your favorite one) and whatever, you can make what is called a piadina (piadini for plural). I like to make home made cheese and add fried bacon, and lentils to make a an Italian taco or quesadilla. A real geek snack to me. Note: recipe for home made cheese can be found at If you have ever had a soft taco, you have eaten a piadine.

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Step 1: Whats Needed;

1 - cup flour (plus extra for dusting) all purpose is fine, but I used wheat flour.
2 - teaspoons oil, lard, or freshly cooked grease (aka from turkey bacon)
1 - pinch salt
1/3+ - cup hot or tepid water
1 - teaspoon baking powder (optional)

1 - heavy duty frying pan.
1 - oven or camp fire
1 - spatula (unless you know how to flip what is in a pan)
1  - mixing bowl
1 - heavy duty spoon
1 - rolling pin (or tortilla maker if you have one)
2 - large sheets of foil

Step 2: Making It.

Mix up all the ingredients in the bowl into a dough ball. then divide into eight equal parts.
Give the dough ball a few minutes to rest.
On one sheet of foil dust with flour.
Pat each ball gently so they are a thick disk.  then roll out each one in a circle as far and as evenly as you can. Thinner is better, They do not have to be perfect.  It adds to the rustic look.
Next, heat your DRY (AKA NO grease or oil) skillet or testo over a fairly brisk flame until it is hot -- a drop of water should dance merrily on the surface -- and drop your first piadina onto it.
Let it sit for about a minute till the bottom is cooked and has brown marks.
Flip and let cook for thirty seconds.
Flip again and let cook for about 30 seconds.
Remove from pan and put on a heat safe plate. Cover extra piadini with foil shiny face down.

Note: if the sides curl up, you can flatten it after you flip it. If you let the piadina cook to long they will become crackers.

Step 3: Fun Part.

You can either take on piadina fold it in almost half and add your favorite ingredients or lay one piadina to top with ingredients and then cover with a second piadina. They are even good just plain with olive oil or butter. A little garlic even adds more flavor.

Eat!! (Mangia!)

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