Easy Guide for Installing a Magnetic Shed/workshop Tool Organiser Kit

Introduction: Easy Guide for Installing a Magnetic Shed/workshop Tool Organiser Kit

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Say goodbye to your untidy shed with this is easy to follow guide for installing a magnetic tool organiser kit in your shed, garage or workshop. Turn your shed or workshop nightmare into the perfect workspace with the ideal tool storage option. Never lose another tool again!

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Step 1: Plan Where to Put Your Organiser

The very first task, even before tidying that unruly shed is to plan where you will place your magnetic tool organiser kit.

Step 2: Tidy That Shed!

Now, the pain before the gain. Get tidying that shed. Enlisting help is optional…

Step 3: Mark Out and Cut a Backing Board to Fix the Kit To

Once you’ve decided on and measured the space where you are going to place your magnetic organiser kit you need to mark out and cut a backing board that you will fix your magnets to.

Step 4: Carefully Cut the Board to Size

Once you’ve marked the backing board, carefully cut the board to size.

Step 5: Position Screws

On your newly resized backing board, position the screws on the marks that you made earlier. This will help you attach the backing board to your shed or workshop wall.

Step 6: Level and Attach the Backing Board

Carefully level the backing board and attach using the pre-positioned screws.

Step 7: Mark Out and Attach the Magnetic Tool Rack

Next, you need to start fixing each item to the board starting with the magnetic tool rack. Mark where you wish for this to go and screw into place.

Step 8: Position and Fix the Pot Magnets

The penultimate task is to attach the pot magnets! Remember to leave enough space between each pot magnet to attach large tools such as saws, hammers and mallets.

Step 9: Organise Your Tools and Attach to the Magnets

You’re nearly done! Just attach your metallic tools and accessories and enjoy your organised and tidy shed.

Get your magnetic shed/workshop organiser kit from first4magnets.com

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