Easy Humane Mouse Trap

Introduction: Easy Humane Mouse Trap

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The humane rat trap I was using could not contain the small mouse that simply squeezed through the wire mesh. This bowl trap is simple and will hold any size mouse that can fit under the raised edge. The trigger piece is made from clothes hanger wire and in this case a tray added. ( skewering cheese or peanut butter eliminates the tray) I used a tray as the mouse was storing seeds in the area and I used the seeds as bait. The short end of the trigger is one inch bent 90 degrees. Use some sand paper to rough up the area in contact with the edge of the bowl. The long end of the trigger should place the bait near the middle of the bowl to prevent the bowl edge hitting the mouse. Slide cardboard under the bowl after the mouse has been captured to allow transport away from your trap site.

Here is a video of the trap working http://youtu.be/ahRjYFrQxL4

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    7 years ago

    uummm...just one question? How do you get the mouse out without him running away again?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Slide thin cardboard under and then use thicker cardboard or a board under that and move to where you want to release the mouse. Or you can place the trap on a board or cookie tray to begin with. I release my mice and rats at a storm drain at the end of the street. That gives them safe passage to a creek about 500 feet away.

    Moose Dr
    Moose Dr

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Love it. I don't have a mouse problem right now, but I have in the past. The next time I do, I'm gonna try this thing.

    Sandystarr28 - I think that the reason the bowl is sitting on the heavy paper (could use a book) is so you can stick you hand under the paper (could be book), and use iit as a lid. Then you can flip it over, and walk away with a covered bowl of mouse.

    What you do with it from that point is up to you. If you're really nice you will take it to a forest nearby and let it go.