Introduction: Easy-made, Quick Tube-top Dress

So, this instuctable is basically my take on this instructable (credit go where credits due), more exactly it's done by my leftovers from making that instructable and from making this insttuctable of mine. You should check them both out.

This is a cheap and fairly easy way to make a dress and is perfect if you have some scrap fabric from other projects.

Step 1: Materials Time!

This is what you will need:

-The bottom half of a tanktop

-Some fabric in the lenght of your choosing, you should be able to wrap it about one and a half time around yourself

-A scissor

-Pin needles


-A sewing machine

Step 2: Let's Get Started, Shall We?

So, we're gonna start with the tanktop. You will only need the bottom half so in case yu havem't cut it already you should do so. You will want to use about half of it.

Now,, but the rest of it on you and pull in it to make it tight, you will want it to have a tight fit so it want fall of. Make a mark of where you think it will fit nicely, then cut it a bit before that. Keep the mark on!

Next, zigzag everything! Well, everything that has been cut that is. This is so that when you wash it it will not tear up.

After that put it side to side inside out and sew it togheter at your mark and in that way creating a tube.

I also folded it and sewed the end peices stuck, that is not nessecery but might make it easier. I did it mostly because I had so much extra fabric.

Step 3: Fun Times Ahead!

Now get to your fabric. I did some extra steps this time that I am not sure if they were necessary or not, but I'll still tell you about them.

First thing you want to do is to make the fabric into a tube. You do this the same way you did it before, by folding it inside out and sewing the pieces togheter, about a cm in. And then, my beloved zigzag! Zigzag everything. This is also when I realised what I had forgotten about this fabric, it is made by the devil! No exaggeartion.

Next, put your machine on the function where the stitches are as far away from eacother as possible and sew all around the top of your tube.

Then start pulling the thread. This will make ruffles, portion them even around the skirt. (This is the step that might not be overly nessecarily)

Step 4: Assemble Time!

Next part always give me a headache. You will now but the two pieces togheter, You will want the tanktop on the inside of the skirt with the top facing downwards and the outside facing the outside of the skirt. Now, needle the two togehter ones. You will want to have it done with your one seam on the skirt in line with one line on the tanktop.

Find the opposite side of the tanktop and the opposite side of skirt and needle those two togheter. Now find the middle of one side and needle togheter and the middle of the other side togheter. Keep doing this until you have a pin party and some nice folded ruffles.

Now, sew it all togheter (back to your normal stiching lenght). You will want to sew under the line of the ruffle seam, you will also want to stretch the tanktop while doing this. THIS IS IMPORTANT! If you do not stretch it might be difficult to get it on in the end. I do hope for your sake that you are better then me at this, I had to restart so many times.

Step 5: Almost Done!

Last thing you will want to do is check your lenght.

Put the dress on you and go look in a mirror. Now needle it up (towards the inside) to where you want it.

Only one tiny last thing, you just want to sew around your shirt where you have needle it up.

There! You got yourself a new dress and will be the best looking person this summer!