Easy (not Quick) Vanilla Extract

Introduction: Easy (not Quick) Vanilla Extract

     This flavoring requires two ingredients and time.  I use one half gallon bourbon.  I open bottle and and add 4 to 6 high quality  Madagascar or Tahitian vanilla beans.  I seal the bottle with the cap that came with the bottle.  I set the bottle out of harms way in a sunless dark room temperature locatiion.  Now I wait for 6 months or more for the flavors to infuse.  Most recipes call for a Teaspoon  or so of regular flavoring.  , I use a capfull minimum in all recipes.    Start your second batch before the first batch runs out.  Most recipes for this require cooking of the beans.  I like my method because the alcohol makes a good preservative.  Also, the bourbon flavor goes well with the beans.  This stuff is highly flammable, becareful.  There may be alcholic persons using food products made with this.  Consider burning the alcohol,  off before adding to food.  Cooking can remove most of the alcohol but I would not depend on all the alchohol being removed.  I use my vainila to homemade ice cream, Smoothies, baked goods and so on.  I use a lot of  this stuff but I control the quality, and strength.  One should be able to scale this up or down according to projected needs.  Good quality extracts are costly and I do not vlike them as well as mine.    My cost in early 2012 are about $$40.00 for 1/2 gallon bourbon and about $11.00 for each two beans.

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    This is my first ible. Next time I shall check to see what others have already done on subject I plan to publish. After I published mine, I noticed that there are already others who had published on the same subject. Theirs uses different alcohol and theirs have superior pictures. Great, now I can up my standards and avoid reapeating others efforts.