Easy Pipe Clamp Padding




Introduction: Easy Pipe Clamp Padding

Easy 1-step Instructable: This is a very simple padding solution for 3/4" pipe clamps that requires no drilling in the clamps and no gluing. The pads double up as stands for the pipe clamps too. They can be made in a few minutes with scraps of 1/2" plywood and are secured using cable ties. The groove is done on the router table and is a few millimeters deep.

I drilled the hole with a 35 mm Fostner bit used to install European style hinges. Those bits are very commonly available.

I made a sketch with the dimensions I used, but do check first with your own clamps if you decide to make this.

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    6 years ago

    This idea is GREAT, very clever, so easy, I've got to try this :) (better than magnets)

    Thank You for sharing


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, all is now clear. Your idea could be described as an elegant solution to a pain of a problem


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Grern! Pipe clamps are a type of clamp quite popular in the US. The clamps are used a lot in woodworking to clamp furniture during glue ups. The metal of the the clamps can mark the wood of the furniture. It is customary to use a piece of scrap wood to protect the furniture. But when you need to install 5 or 6 clamps quite quickly because the glue is drying and at the same time you need to juggle the little pieces of scrap wood that keep slipping away, it can be quite challenging!! There are a number of solutions that woodworkers use to pad their pipe clamps. This is what I came up with...