Introduction: Easy Poncho or Baby Nursing Cover

This poncho can also be used as a baby nursing cover and is a very quick and easy project. You only need 2 yards of fabric or you can use a wide
scarf. In this tutorial I used a pashmina scarf because it was soft and most of the work has been done.

You will need:

2 or more yards of fabric in your choice or a wide scarf such as a pashmina scarf.
matching thread
measuring tape

Step 1: Easy Poncho or Baby Nursing Cover

Step One:
If using a pashmina or other wide scarf you can ignore the following directions on this step and go onto the next step.

If using narrow fabric (about 12 to 24 inches wide) instead of a scarf, measure out 2 to 2.5 yards of fabric.

If using fabric wider than 40 inches, Measure out a piece of fabric about 36 to 40 inches wide. Cut fabric in half lengthwise. Join the two pieces together at the small ends using a french seam as follows. Place the two pieces together wrong sides facing and make a narrow seam on one of the short ends. Now fold the fabric over the seam so the right sides will be together. Make another seam that will cover the cut ends of the first seam. Make a narrow hem along the
cut edges of the long edge.

Make a small hem on the cut ends.

Step 2: Easy Poncho or Baby Nursing Cover

Step Two:

Fold fabric in half lengthwise. Measure 16 inches from the center and pin. Continue to pin from the 16 inch mark all the way to the ends. Sew from 16 inch mark all the way to the end.

Snip loose threads and your done! Enjoy wearing your poncho.

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