Introduction: Easy Reach Signal Lever Adaptation for Single Handed Driver

Because of my stroke my left sid. e is weak, I drive with my right hand only. In order to signal without reaching all across the steering wheel while maintaining control of the wheel, I adapt my signal control using a good old plastic hanger. Here are some picture of the project. 

- plastic cloth hanger
- duct tape

Step 1:

Cut up your plastic hanger, keep only a small "L" shape (or "V").

Step 2:

duct tape the short arm  to your signal level, trim the length if needed.
I also use some tie wraps to make it more secure.

Step 3:

Finished view from driver seat. You can use your right finger to signal while holding on the steering wheel.

Plastic Hanger $0.10
Duct Tape $0.10
Able to signal safely : priceless.....