Introduction: Easy to Assemble Lightsabers

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Easy to Assemble Lightsabers

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First off you are going to need to pick up some scheduled 20 PVC.

I am using 1-inch scheduled 20 pipe. It is the thinnest version you can find.

You will need:

- 2-foot long pipe

- 6-inch long pipe

- 1-inch coupling

- 1-inch end cap

- tin foil

- LED flashlight (Ozark Trail 200 L works great)

I picked up three flashlights to show you the differences in quality.


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Step 1: Setting Up the Pipe

Setting up the Pipe

First take the long pipe and wrap some tinfoil over one end.

Make sure the reflective side goes toward the opening of the pipe.

The foil is going to help reflect the light back into the pipe.

Then take the end cap and gently put it over the foil.

You can now remove the rest of the visible foil.

You should also test fit the coupling and short pipe to make sure everything is a snug fit.

Step 2: Flashlight Quality

Flashlight Quality

Next up, make sure you have a decent quality light.

I have the three lights set up and the three poles to show you the differences in light quality.

The first is a cheap $1 flashlight.

The second is a 40 lumens light.

The third and most recommended is the Ozark Trail 200 L. I found this LED flashlight at Walmart for about $12.

You do not have to use this light, but it has an awesome benefit. It fits snug inside of the PVC pipe.

You can see the differences in light quality in the pictures.

If you choose the recommended flashlight, then everything should fit tight.

If not, you may need some extra tape to help hold everything together.

Step 3: Assembly


Now take the 6 inch pipe and slide the flashlight inside with the LED facing outward.

This will allow the light to focus most of its energy into the longer pipe.

Place the coupling over the same end.

This may be a tight fit, but make sure it is securely in place.

Next insert the longer pipe into the coupling.

If for some reason the pipe does not want to stay seated in the coupling, you can always add some tape to secure it.

To turn on the flashlight, just reach you finger inside the bottom opening.

Step 4: Additional Features

Additional Features

I had some 1-inch clear PVC left over from a previous project and I wanted to see what it looked like.

The clear pipe gave off a bright bluish color.

It is real visible when laying on the ground.

Since the white pipe has a yellowish tint, you now can have two distinctive colored lightsabers.

Another suggestion would be to try some colored foil over the flashlight for different colors.

Double Lightsaber

Now if you make two lightsabers and get a third coupling, you can combine them and have a Double-sided Lightsaber.

I hope you enjoyed the simplicity and ease of building these lightsabers and I hope you get to make them too.

Have fun building.


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