Introduction: Easy to Build 9000mah Power Bank for Camping Use

This is a big and very efficiency power bank for use at camping and not only.

It could be used to charge your smartphones, tablets via usb car charger. At the end of project will include a led stipe camping lamp construction also for use with this power bank. This will be usful for almost every divice you have that can plug to a car 12V plug. Have a look at my Very Easy DIY Camping LED Lamp

Project is easy to make and requires very basic knowledge of electronics and soldering

You will need:

Battery 12V 9ah or 12V 7ah

Box to fit the battery and everything else

12V male car plug to usb

Car 12V female plug

switch on/off

swith push on

voltometer 3V to 30V

Led and resistir 1K

Pair of binding posts (for the 12v output and charger connection)

Cable 2x2.5 or 2x2

Step 1: Open the Holes at the Front Panel Case With a Drill

A simple rechargeable hand drill is used to open the panel holes for buttons and each

I used a draimel also to make the opening for the voltometer.

After you attach the parts on panel use a hot gun glue to secure everything tight

Step 2: Connecting All Parts Inside the Case

the red line at picture is the positive rail connection of the power bank.

Have done separately the negative connections on the other picture with black lines to make this clear and easy...

Every cable connection is made with pin connectors and heat shrinkable plastic for best insulating

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