Introduction: Easy to Handle Skateboard

The Skateboard project is the originatorof the history of extreme sports. Many extreme sports projects have been extended from skateboarding projects. The skateboarding that evolved from surfing in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The earliest skateboarding was the installation of double-row roller skates on wooden boards by enthusiasts, and later slowly developed into current skateboards. It is now the most "cool" sport on earth. However, the handling of skateboards is still a problem today. When you are in the mood, you can slide the skateboard wherever you want to put it, but when you are tired and not in the mood to slide it, you can only carry it, which may make you more tired. So, I want to design a skateboard that is easy to check and stylish.

The board shape of the skateboard is designed to be narrow on both sides of the middle width and the entire board is designed as a plane. This change has improved the ornamental nature of the skateboard. The board is decorated with letters, numbers and stars to make the skateboard more fashionable. The most important thing is that the skateboard has a ring in front of it and a small wheel in front of it, which allows you to drag the skateboard away with your hand when you don't want to slide. The small wheel on the rear side of the skateboard is to prevent the skateboard from being scratched and reduce the resistance when dragging the skateboard so that you can easily drag the skateboard away.

Step 1: Building Board

Step 1: Remove a cube from the basic shape barand change it to 81 wide and 20.5 high. Drag out the one-yuan capsule and change the length to 20 wide to 10, and then combine with the cuboid after replication.

Step 2: Cut the Board Surface

Step 2: Drag out a hollow cylinder and copy it into a composite of all objects as shown

Step 3: Make Wheels

Step 3: Drag out a cylinder to 2 high 19 and rotate it 90 degrees. In dragging out a wheel to change the diameter to 5.5 thick 3 and copy. Combine the three into a figure style.

Step 4: Make Bracket Chassis

Step 4: Drag out a prism to change the size to 7.5 x 3, and drag out a 'roof' to cut

Step 5: Perfect the Bracket Chassis

Step 5: Drag out a square body to change size to7.5 x 5.5 x 1 and stitch the object splicing with step 4.Change the whole to black

Step 6: Make Screws

Step 6: Drag out a six prism to change the edge length to 1, then drag out a cylinder to change diameter to 0.7, align the center of the two

Step 7: Mounting Screws

Step 7: Group the objects from step 6 and turn them into four, and stitch them together with the objects obtained in step 5

Step 8: Complete Scaffold

Step 8: Drag out a cylinder with a diameter of 2.5, place a hollow cylinder above it, and then drag out a ring to its outside. Drag out a prism and stitch it together with the resulting object in the seventh step

Step 9: Assemble the Wheel and Bracket

Step 9: Stitch the objects from step 3 and step 8 and change the color

Step 10: Assemble the Wheel With the Plate Surface

Step10: Copy the resulting object in step 9 and stitch it up with the object from step 2

Step 11: Decorative Skateboards

Step11: Drag letters and numbers from the text bar and stitch them together with the objects from step 10.That's skateboarding.

Step 12: Add Wheels and Handles

Step 12: Pull a ring out of the basic shape,change the diameter to 6.5 and place it on the front side of the skateboard. Drag out a wheel and change the diameter to 4 and press it on the rear side of the skateboard.

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