Introduction: Easy to Make Stilts

You know what people love? Being taller! See what it's like from an adult perspective. These are easy to build from stuff you have in your garage (if you have a garage). They're comfortable and leave your hands free while you walk. They make people say "Wow!"



  • 2x2 (1.5" square) Lumber
    • 2 x 12"
    • 2 x 17"
  • 1x2 lumber, 2 x 3"
  • 1x4 lumber, 2 x 6.5"


  • 16 1/4" washers
  • 2 1/4" fender washers
  • 8 x 1.25" or 1.125" drywall screws (or similar)
  • 4 x 3.5" deck screws (or similar)
  • 6 x 1.625" drywall screws (or similar)
  • Wood glue (or any glue, really)


  • Carpet Padding or other soft material (neoprene?) 2 pieces of 3"x12"x1/8-1/4"
  • Webbing 2 pieces of 2" x 17"
  • Velcro, Male and female, 2 pieces each side, 2"x5"
  • Pipe, 2 pieces PVC or ABS 3" OD x 3" (or whatever fits your leg below the knee)
  • Electrical or duct tape or similar
  • *3D Filament and printer - Flexible TPU OR rubber chair leg ends. The printed feet are optional but fun!
  • Old shoes that still fit you.

Step 1: Cut Wood & Drill Holes

  1. Cut the 1x4 pieces to length
  2. Cut the 1x2 pieces to length
  3. Cut the 2x2x12" pieces to length
  4. Cut the 2x2x17" pieces *** these should be 5" longer than the length of your leg from the floor to under your kneecap
  5. Stack the 2x2's (one 12" and one 17") with a 3" overlap with the 1x2 in the middle. This provides the offset of the foot centering. Drill 2 holes through the stack for the 3.5" screws. See image with the ruler.
  6. Drill a hole in the center of the bottom end of the 2x2x12s
  7. Place the 1x4 on top of the 2x2x12, centered side to side and with a 1" overhang in the long direction (see image) Drill 2 pilot holes through the 1x4 that go into the end of the 2x2x12. Maximize the distance between them on the diagonal.

Step 2: Make Cuffs

  1. Cut the pipe to 3" length
  2. Cut it in half
  3. Smooth all the edges
  4. Fold the carpet pad so that it sticks out past the edges of the pipe to protect your leg
  5. Tape the carpet pad to the pipe.
  6. Drill 2 holes through the middle of the pipe slightly more than 2" apart.
  7. Sew the velcro to the webbling (one patch on one side, the other patch on the other so it can make a loop)

Step 3: Print Feet

  1. if you can, print the feet in a flexible material (it may take a lot of time).
  2. If not, get rubber chair leg tips.

Step 4: Asemble

  1. put together the stack of 2x2s and 1x2 that you previously drilled though with wood glue between the parts.
  2. install the 3.5" screws with washers into the holes.
  3. install the foot platforms using 1.5" screws and washers.
  4. install the feet on to the bottom of the 2x2s using the 1.5" screws with fender washers.
  5. screw the leg cuff to the inside of the upper 2x2,using 1.125" screws and washers. Capture the webbing between the cuff and 2x2 and trapping it between the screws.
  6. Place your old shoes on the platforms.
  7. Drive two 1.125" screws with washers into the soles of each shoe, fixing them to the foot platforms. It's helpful to pull out the insoles first so the screws are hidden under something comfortable!