Introduction: Easy to Wash Water Bottle

Have you ever been washing a water bottle, and wished you could fit your hand in it, to clean it better? Or wished the bottle brush would reach the corners of the bottle? Or simply wished the water bottle could be cleaner? Well fear no more. If you need a water bottle both drinkable and easy to clean, we have solved your problem. The Easy to Wash Water Bottle is guaranteed a clean wash every time. No more gunk at the bottom and in the corners of your bottle.
This bottle are the tops of two water bottles put together. The  Easy to Wash Water Bottle does all the things your regular water bottle does. 

Step 1: Materials

1. Two water bottles same width and flat top
2. Tape and sharpie
3. Silicone caulking
4. Caulking gun
5.  Saw with measuring tape
6. Propane torch with lighter
7. Safety goggles
8. Gloves
9. Rubber band

Step 2: Labeling the Bottles

First, rip two pieces of tape and label the bottles: bottle one and bottle two. 

This helps one distinguish which bottle is going to be shorter. 

Step 3: Cutting the Bottles

First, cut bottle one three inches from the bottom. Then cut bottle two three inches from the bottom as well. 
If you would like to cut one of them shorter, it is fine. Just be sure you can fit bottle two into bottle one. 

Step 4: Playing With Fire

Now to make sure bottle two fits into bottle one. Go around bottle two with the propane torch. Making sure the plastic is bendable enough to put the end of it into bottle one. 

You could also just force bottle two into bottle one, but we found it easier to put bottle two into one once the plastic was softer. 

Step 5: Back to the Saw

Now go back to the saw and cut out the crease made in the bottle in the shape of a square. 
This is to make it easier to place the end of bottle two into bottle one. 

Step 6: Combining and Caulking

Now slip bottle one into bottle two one more time to make sure they fit together without a crease. If there is a crease you need to either slide bottle two out of bottle one a little or cut more. 
Then put the tube of silicone caulking into the caulking gun and put a thin layer of caulking on the outside of bottle two near the point bottle two and bottle one merge
Now put the bottles together and put a very light layer of caulking around the edge of bottle one and bottle two at the point where they meet. 
Wait an hour for the caulking to dry. 

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Now to make the seam less noticeable get a rubber band and put it around the seam made by the glue.