Easy-to-make Circut Tiles

Introduction: Easy-to-make Circut Tiles

This Instructable is derived from This Instructable. I just decided to make an easier, cheaper way to make one. This Instructable circuit tiles uses cardboard for the tiles. This works for almost anything from IC pins, to components with any amount of wires. This also does not use any soldering, and I made a couple in almost 5 minutes!

Step 1: List of Materiels

Thick cardboard, for the tiles.

Thin cardboard, for the connectors.

Electrical components, for the circuits.

Wires, for attaching the components (although you could use paperclips if you do not have any wires).

That's all!

Step 2: Two Wire Components: Resistors, Diodes, Capacitors, Etc

First, cut a decent smallish square from the thick cardboard. Then glue the component onto the square. Bend the anode and cathode till they are facing the same direction. Here comes the connectors. Have you noticed how, when you look at the side of the cardboard there is another piece of paper that goes up and down and looks like waves? That will be the separator of the component wires. Put the wires coming from the component into the gaps in between the component separator and glue it all down. To attach the wires to it push the wire into the holes where the component wires are and the wires will touch and electricity will flow. The exactly same thing will happen with multi-wired components except there will be more wires to connect wires to which means more connectors!

Step 3: IC Pins

To make sockets for IC pins first get some of the thin cardboard. Stick the IC Pins into the cardboard so that each pin corresponds to one hole. Then you can just stick wires into it!. But make sure that the wires do not go too far and touch two pins. If you want you can put glue across where the pins come out the bottom.

Step 4: Finish

Your tiles are done! You can now make easy circuits with pushing wires into connectors! If you liked this Instructable then please check out some of my others.

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