Introduction: Easy Tomato Drying Rack.

Need a quick tomato drying rack? I grow tomatoes and found myself with a lot of tomatoes, so many that I wasn't using them fast enough. I happen to love sun dried tomatoes and chili's and decided I would throw together a quick drying rack. This is what I came up with from things I had around the house.

Step 1: Secure Tomato Cages Together

Using larger zip ties I attached all the vertical rods on two tomato cages together with the rings offset enough to make several layers.

Step 2: Paint (optional)

Thought it would look nice in white.

Step 3: Prep the Screen.

Purchase or clean some old screen door mesh.

Step 4: Make Shelves

Cut the screen to fit the rings. Using zip ties secure the mesh to the layers.

Step 5: Shrink Wrap.

I wrapped the cages to to bottom leaving one slit down the side to access the shelves.

Step 6: Fill It.

Find someone to full it full of fresh tomatoes!

Step 7: Sun Dry.

find a nice spot to catch some sun.