Introduction: Easy Vase From Bottle and Crocheted Lace

A few years back, I bought several crocheted lace ornaments on a fleamarket. They were really cheap and the old lady happy to sell them - classical win-win, I'd say!
But what to do with them??? Some of them I used to embellish notebooks, some where still in my room when I came back from the wedding of a good friend. She had a gardenparty and used old glasses with lace around as candleholders. Super cute!

And there's the idea: why not embellish a bottle with that piece of lace and use it as a vase?

Tadaaa: Done!
I found a beautiful blue bottle at the mensa (they sold mineral water in it), cleaned it (to get of the paper easily either keep it in warm water with washing-up liquid overnight or put it in the dishwasher) and then glued the lace to it. I used wallpaper paste, but I guess any other strong glue would work as well.
I like the look and easiness of this little vase, but I'm still searching for the perfect flower to fit in ... :-)

Have a nice time!