Easy Way to Cook Tasty Potato Salad!

Introduction: Easy Way to Cook Tasty Potato Salad!

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Cucumbers 1

Potatoes (middle size)  4

Hams 5

Salt and pepper To taste

Mayonnaise To taste

Step 1: Prepare Potatos.

Prepare potatos.

Step 2: ​Cut Potatoes

Cut potatoes into about 2cm×2cm×2cm. DO NOT PEEL SKIN yet!

Step 3: Prepare a Cucumber.

Prepare a cucumber.

Step 4: Cut Cucumbers

Cut cucumbers into slice size.

Step 5: Prepare Hams.

Prepare hams.

Step 6: Cut Hams

Cut hams rectangular slice.

Step 7: Drain, Cool, Peel and Chop Potatoes.

Drain, cool, peel and chop potatoes.

Step 8: Mix Well!

Combine potatoes, cucumbers, hams. Mix well!

Step 9: Mix Salt and Pepper, Mayonnaise.

Mix salt and pepper, Mayonnaise.

Step 10: You Finished!

You finished!

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    Thank you for comment! I want to cook it in various ways from now on!