Eatable Fluorescent Caramel Candies

Introduction: Eatable Fluorescent Caramel Candies

Halloween 👻

spooky pumpkins 🎃 and delicious treats 🍬

What is there not to love?

For those who love caramel, this the spooky recipe for you.

Tonic water is a natural fluorescent and the secret ingredient for this caramel creation.


  • Pan
  • Spatula
  • Parchment Paper
  • Black Light
  • Funnel (optional)


  • Granulated Sugar (do not use brown sugar)
  • Tonic Water
  • Food coloring
  • Butter (optional, creates a creamy caramel)

Step 1: Prep Your Workspace

First up, clear a space to draw out your pumpkin design and lay a sheet of parchment paper across the cleared surface.

Step 2: Melt Down Your Sugar

Turn the stove on a low-medium (approximately 3) and preheat your pan.

Add your sugar until there is just a thin layer over the bottom of the pan.

Patiently wait for the sugar to start melting, stirring occasionally.

The sugar will naturally start to brown and caramelize.


  • Make sure the pan is big enough to only allow a thin layer of sugar (If you add too much sugar, the bottom layer will begin to burn before the top part starts melting)
  • Once the sugar starts melting more rapidly, turn the temperature down to prevent burning

Step 3: Mix Tonic Water and Food Coloring

While your sugar is melting, mix a teaspoon of chilled tonic water with red and yellow food coloring to produce an orange tonic solution.

Step 4: Add Tonic Solution to Caramel

Pour the tonic solution into your caramel, and slowly start mixing. The caramel should start bubbling a bit once it touches the tonic solution at first, and eventually settle back down.

At this point, you may add the butter if you desire a soft caramel as opposed to a hard caramel.

Step 5: Pour Your Pumpkin

Pour the caramel by hand or into a funnel, tracing the pumpkin design you wish to create

⚠️ Caution ⚠️

The caramel is very hot. Handle with care.

Step 6: Check It Out in the BlackLight!


  • Keep the caramel chilled in the refrigerator or freezer until ready for consumption or show
  • Protect the caramel creation in Tupperware to prevent other items from crushing your designs (like what happened to mine)
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