Introduction: Ebony & Ivory: a Nerf Strikefire Mod

About: As relates to this site, I'm looking for any and all mods for the following guns: Maverick, Strikefire, Recon, Rapid Fire. Also, recommendations for what I should buy next!
 I like to take apart my Nerf guns and tinker with them to maximize performance, and when messing with my two Strikefires, I discovered a pretty cool modification you can make. If you read, watch or play Devil May Cry, then you know that the hero, Dante, uses two guns: Ivory and Ebony. Ivory is customized to shoot fast, and Ebony was created to shoot long distances with accuracy. Well, you have two identical Strikefires, why not apply the same concepts? Just one word of advice: if you actually play dart tag and share your guns a lot, this may not be the greatest idea, as it makes the two weapons handle very differently. Also, for my own convenience, I only took apart the blue one. You should still get the idea.

Step 1: Disassembly

So, when taking these guns apart, it's nice to have a small screwdriver set like the one I'm using. Just make sure you have a screwdriver small enough that it won't strip the screws. Carefully unscrew the screws on the slide (what you pull back), applying pressure downward so the head doesn't slip off the screw and cause damage. I'm assuming you will want to take them apart again someday. When they're all off, take the slide off. If possible, only take the part off that ISN'T connected to metal pin. Remove all the other screws and carefully remove the top half of your gun. You will the see the guts, as pictured. Repeat with other Strikefire.

Step 2: Ebony

 Let's make Ebony first. Decide which color you want to be the long-range gun. I'm using my blue Strikefire. Take four dimes, and insert them between the spring and where it rests on the back casing. Put it back together WITHOUT SCREWS and test. You will have to pull back hard and fast to cock it. If you can't, take a dime out. If it feels like you could use another, put in another. When you find the right amount, check to make sure the little spring is attached to the pin, then reassemble. You will see a noticeable difference in range, and it will be a bit more balanced with the dimes in the rear.

Step 3: Ivory

 This is slightly simpler to make. Just take the spring attached to the trigger out. The easiest way to do this is with a tiny flathead screwdriver. Check the spring connected to the pin again, and reassemble. It should now have a hair trigger.

Step 4: Note

 Congratulations, you have made your very own Devil May Cry Nerf guns. You should save the spring you took out and keep it somewhere you won't lose track of. Both of these mods are easy enough to reverse, so if you aren't satisfied with the results, you can just change them back to normal.