Eclipse Can Arm-guards/Gauntlets

Introduction: Eclipse Can Arm-guards/Gauntlets

This is a 'How to' that will teach you how to make some sick Gauntlets!

Also, I have entered this into the Youth make-and-learn Contest, so I have some information to say here:

Q1- What did you make? (Tell the story of what you made and how it works. Why did you use the tools and materials you selected?)

Q2- How did you make it? (Tell us where you got the idea for the project. Did you work with anyone else? Did your plans and ideas change as you worked on the project?)

Q3- Where did you make it? (Home, school, somewhere else? How did this connect to other activities in your life?)

Q4- What did you learn? (Describe your biggest challenges and any surprises that arose during the build. What are you proudest of? If you had to do it again, what would you do differently?)

A1. I made some armour out of empty eclipse cans that is really cool. I have always been a fan of medieval weaponry and armour, and I have been collecting eclipse cans for years, so one day I just decided that I could try making armour out of them. I used the tools and materials as I had them around and were relatively easy to use.

A2. I made it by flattening the cans with a hammer, putting holes in them with a nail, then fastening them together with rivets. However, I have tried several different ways of making it, such as connecting the cans with fishing line instead of rivets, which didn't work. The first Gauntlet I made took me months to complete as I kept changing how I would build depending on what worked and what tools were available.

A3. I made it at my home. It helped me to understand some of the tools that we use at school before we had to use them.

A4. I learnt a lot about how much a plan can change in the process of it being carried out, and also how to use tools I had never used before efficiently and safely. My biggest challenges were persevering and giving it another try every time my plans failed miserably or I didn't know how to fix something that had gone wrong. I am most proud about how I was able to make it, and that everyone who I showed it to said it was really cool, and also that I was then able to make the second one in barely an hour. If I had to make this again, I would do a lot more measuring to make sure I had all of the holes in the right place and would also try to be just that little but more safe as I worked.


Step 1: What You Will Need


Claw Hammer
4 Clamps
A Vice (for fine tuning)
Wire cutters/pliers (more fine tuning)
Sledge Hammer (or normal hammer)
1 Nail (at least 4mm Diameter (for making the holes for the rivets to go through)
Opt. A friend


10 Eclipse chewy mint cans (empty
12 Rivets (I used 4.2, but 4.4-6 should be used actually)
Thin metal wire (about 0.5mm diameter)

Step 2: Flattening

Use your choice of hammer, flatten all of the cans, using the vice to make sure they're really flat. Pull off the lids first. (twist and pull to do so)

They must be really thin!

Step 3: Making Holes

Using your nail, hammer a hole in the elipse can just big enough for a rivet to fit in. 
You will notice on the back that 3-4 little flaps come up. make sure you flatten these to the can.
There are 5 different patterns of holes. The pictures will show you which ones they are and how many of each you need

Step 4: Riveting, This Step Is

Using your Rivets and Riveter, fix together your cans

Step 5: Bending

This is probably the most difficult step
Fix your clamps on your Eclipse can creation and call your friend over. 
Slowly bend your creation to almost a 90 Degree angle.
Use the claw hammer and vice for fine tuning it.

Once that's done, bend the 2 side-most cans inwards, these will be what holds your arm

Step 6: Optional- Clasp

Using 2 rivets and a short length of wire, create a clasp

Curl one end of the wire around the thicker end of the rivet in such a way that it will become fastened once the rivet is fastened.
Sorry that this is hard to see in the picture
the rivet that the wire curls around when latching the clasp must have room for the wire. to do this, when fastening the rivet, stop about halfway then use a hack-saw to cut the stick off


You have now finished your amazing piece of armour and are ready to take on a room of knife-wielding zombies. Enjoy!

Thank you for reading!

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