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Hi all makers and designers,

In this Instructable, I am gonna show you how I manufactured this Eco friendly dish rack for my A level project. I chose product design to boost my creativity and project managing skills The purpose of my project to decrease water wastage from draining plates. The residue water can fall down the rack which is stored until its taken to the soil on the other half. Before the final stage i created mock ups designed on paper then i designed developments on solid works. I rendered the designs to be more life size.This self-watering planter is designed for the kitchen which can place several cups and cutlery items. My project is modular so people can change their design and still have it function. I used several manufacturing methods such as CNC wood cutting, 3D printing and silicon moulding


Wood (Mine is Oak)

Plastic - (Perhaps ABS) Silicon Clamps Wood glue

Sand paper

Step 1: Design the Aesthetics and Start Cutting

First i designed the wooden base using solid-works. I then sent the files to the CNC machine. In the mean time i collected some oak plank and glued them together using wood adhesive. Once the glue was set i placed the larger plank into the machine

I started the cutting process and waited about 1 hour for it to cut.

Once all the pieces were cut i removed them from the machine and glued them. I used wood adhesive and clamped them to they became more compact. After several hours i got sand paper and refined the edges so they become flush wit each other.

Step 2: Add Resistance

Add an Oil Finish for Water Resistance, To add water resistance i used teak oil. I got a cloth and dabbed it onto the surface of the wood

Step 3: Make the Drain Mat

I laser cut a mould for my drain mat which i then poured the silicon mixture into. I let it dry for about 1 hour. I used araldite to glue some plastic so the mould doesn't overflow and create a mess

Step 4: Create the Rack Slots

I then designed the rack tray t which users can either have a transparent of off white colour. The laser cutter created this piece. I then used sand paper to refine the edges. To have the plate support more functional i added some support pieces which are the grey

Step 5: 3d Print Plant and Cutlery Pot

I sent this plant pot design to the 3D printer to be made. Once it was done i got a metallic grey and spray painted the two pieces

Step 6: Assembly

So once you have all the components then all that is left is to assemble it.

Step 7: Final Design and Alternative

This is my final design. The last pictures shows what alternative designs i could have made. The alternative designs show a taller and stronger structure. I have also added a aesthetic features which is a glow in the dark luminescence light which can change colour. The purpose of that was to give extra light when its dark.

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