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Introduction: Eco-friendly Snack Cup

My first instructable, yeah!  We like giving our son snacks that he could serve himself and take it along with us.  The plastic BPA and Phthalate laden disposable landfill clogging "snack cups" immediately came to mind.  Not really for us.  We are always trying to be more eco-friendly so we came up with this "snack cup".

The materials ended up incredible easy to find.  Make your own for about $5.
o Cup with a "lip"
o Rubber Band
o "stretchy" cloth.

I forgot where I got my cup, but I used an enamel baked steel cup.  Get a quality one, where the enamel can stand some dings.  Rubber band was either from a news paper or grocery.  "Stretchy" cloth from the scratch/left over section at Walmart, costs < $1 and can make several covers.

Step 1: Making the Lid

Cut 2 pieces of the stretchy cloth.  For simplicity, I cut out 2 squares.  Make sure both are about 1" wider than the cup.

Place the 2 squares together.  With one square on top of another, overlap the 2 pieces by about 1". 

For convenience, I sew the 2 together on the edges.

Step 2: Assemble

Place the cloth on top of the cup with the overlapping area approximately in the center of the cup.  To secure the lid, pull down along the edges where the two pieces of cloth are sewn together. Put on the rubber band with the other hand.

Step 3: Fill

You are done.  All that is left is to fill the cup.  It took my son a few minutes to figure it out.  Since it's not plastic and hence not see through, I showed him filling the cup with his favorite cereal.

He has been using it for several weeks now.  It has survived several drops, but no spills.  To wash just disassemble.  Make more than 1 cover so that you will always have a clean dry one at your disposal.  Place stickers on cup to personalize and make it their own.

Cheap, eco-friendly, healthy, lasts forever...  After they grow older, reuse the cup well as a cup or another neat instructable.


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    12 years ago on Step 3

     I love this idea. It's easy, inexpensive, and, like you mentioned, reuseable. If you had some time and sewing skills/craft glue and felt, you could embellish the fabric with a cutesy design like the store-bought kind.