Introduction: Ecological Paper Glue

This project is about making ecological paper glue using a very simple and usual waste : rice cooking water !

This glue can be used to strongly paste paper on glass, wood, metal, walls,...

When used on glass or metal, this glue can easily be removed and cleaned : just wash it with water.


  • 1 cup of white rice (0.24L)
  • 1 quart of water (1.14L)
  • 1 pich of salt
  • 1 pan
  • 1 strainer
  • 1 paintbrush

Step 1: Cook the Rice in the Pan

Cooking time : 15 minutes.

Step 2: Drain the Rice

Don't throw the water away ! We will reuse it for the glue !

Save the rice for your meal. And wait 10 minutes before using the water as glue.

Step 3: Put the Cooking Water on the Back of the Sheet of Paper

10 minutes after the draining of the rice, put the cooking water on the back of the sheet using the brush.

IMPORTANT : it is better to do it when the water is tepid. If too warm : you can get injured. If too cold, it is not liquid enough.

Step 4: Paste the Sheet on the Support

Paste the sheet on the support you have chosen.

On this example, the support chosen is a jar, but you can paste it on wood, metal, cement...

Step 5: Removing and Cleaning

When used on glass and metal, this glue can easily be removed and cleaned just using water.

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