Introduction: Ecological Amplifier for Smartphone.

Today I propose  a simple and ecological amplifier smartphone, simply because it is made with a pipe and a trumpet, ecological because it does not require power.

Step 1:

Materials required :
A sink drain pipe in chromed brass 32 mm.
A bicycle trumpet .
A piece of wood or plywood 4mm thick.

Step 2:

Take the tube and cover it with gummed paper. Draw a rectangle starting at 3 cm from the edge, the width should be 4 mm larger than the phone while the height should be about 2.5 cm.
Draw it beautiful straight and perpendicular to the pipe axis.

Step 3:

Practice 4 small holes in the corners of the rectangle and then with a scissor cut gently shape. Use electrician scissors and be careful because these tubes are deformed easily.

After removing the coarse finished off with a thin file. The work is fast because it is very thin easily removed
the material. Then move the sandpaper inside.

Step 4:

Now take the thin wire, I used a headset wire. With a cutter, I cut along the length and then I pulled the content.
In doing so I made a gasket profile.

Step 5:

With this seal must cover the whole edge of the quarry, fixing it with drops of cyano acrylic. Do not overdo the glue, I suggest you dip a toothpick and smudge the edge of the tube as you go to insert the gasket. This work will protect your phone scraping effect of the tube.

Step 6:

Now cut a piece of wire or a rubber tube with a diameter of 7-8 mm. I used a piece of electrical cord of an old iron. This serves to prevent the phone slipping towards the inside of the tube.
With hot glue paste inside the tube at the bottom of the groove and keep it away from the edge of approximately 6 mm.

Step 7:

Drill a hole the diameter of the trumpet, do tangent to the bottom of the hollow and distant 1.5 cm. Drill a small hole and spread it with a round file, or if you have a conical tip. The more precise the better the seal.

Step 8:

Cover with adhesive paper and draw a line 3 cm from the quarry. Cut with the scissors excess material. At the end polished cutting.

Step 9:

Take the trumpet, remove the bellows and the rattle. Cut a slice in the side entrance to the trumpet to the phone.
Please note the length must be less than the diameter of the tube to reduce overhang.

Step 10:

Enter the trumpet in the hole and glued with hot glue, of course, avoid cover the opening that you have done on the trumpet.

Step 11:

Cut now two discs of wood with a diameter slightly smaller than the tube and also cut two discs with a diameter of 4 mm larger than the tube. With a pyrography I darkened the thickness of large disks, it's just a matter of aesthetics.

Step 12:

Glued with vinyl disks on those small ones. When the glue is dry you can secure the plugs in the heads of the pipe using hot glue.

Step 13:

The job is done. Enter your smartphone in the seat and listening to music.