Introduction: Erupting Baking Soda Potions

This secret recipe works with both tea and lemonade, and is perfect for pranks. Because the drink is made with a disproportionally large amount of lemon juice, the creator is able to first watch the reaction to the bitterness, and then rush to get sugar. However, the creator does not give sugar, but instead adds baking soda to the concoction, which causes the drink to fizz and expand massively. This works especially well if the creator is able to trick the victim into believing that they are really proud of their drink, and if they get the victim to take a gulp after adding sugar. Playing the role of the creator requires some acting, but is extremely enjoyable.

*** It is recommended that the reaction is filmed using secret cameras**

Step 1: Crafting the Concoction

This first step is very important, as this the base to your drink. In order to react properly with the baking powder, your drink needs to have an extremely high content of lemon juice. A small cup is normally best, as the reaction will work better. For lemonade, fill about 3/4 of the cup with lemon juice, and fill the rest with water and ice if desired. Depending on who your victim is, it may help to sweeten the lemonade just a little, but ensure that it is still sour enough to where the victim will want more sugar. To make tea, fill the cup about 1/2 way with hot water, and the rest with lemon juice, and then add a tea bag.

Step 2: Switching Out the Sugar

One of the key reasons that this works is that the victim believes that you are putting sugar into their cup instead of baking powder. That means that this step must be done very carefully without being seen. A small cup or bowl must be filled with a considerable amount of baking powder. (enough that 2 - 4 spoonfuls could be taken out easily) Then, the cup or bowl must be carefully placed inside of the sugar bag or jar, so that one would take baking powder instead of sugar when they reach inside.

Step 3: The First Reaction

The acting part of this prank is almost as important as the drink itself. It is vital to the prank that the victim believes that you are extremely proud of your drink, and somewhat oblivious to how sour it tastes. It is also important to insure that you control the conversation, giving them minimal chances to object. A lot of the acting depends on who is being convinced, so there is no one right thing to say, but some ideas to start the conversation are:

- " hey honey, I just figured out how to make great tea, and I made you some "

- " My friend had this um... like totally like super amazing lemonade like in her water bottle today, and like she gave me her recipe, so like I just had to try it, but like I made way to much, and It's really good, so like will you please drink some?"

- "Um daddy ... I wanted to have a lemonade stand, so I went into the kitchen and I made a lot of lemonade, but then mommy said no, so do you want to have some?"

The most important part is that you get them to drink the stuff without thinking that it is poison

Step 4: Dealing With the Frown

If you have acted well, they will not want to tell you that it tastes awful, but their face will show it. It is really important to pause long enough to seem clueless, but not enough to where they speak. You then, not letting them have a word in the conversation, need to say something along the lines of "Is something wrong?, I thought it tasted great, hmmm, OH! I know, I forgot sugar" You then need to run off and get the sugar (with hidden baking powder)

Step 5: Finishing With Fizz

To make a grand finale, you need to get the fizz working. You need to put the spoon in the sugar container, and collect two or three huge spoonfuls from the baking powder fast enough that your victim can not verify whether they are sugar, stir the stuff really fast, hand the cup to your victim, and tell them something like "that should be much better!"

The better the timing, the better the reaction is. Some possibilities are:

- Too fast - Just tastes terrible

- Perfect timing - fizzes into their mouth

- A little late - spews stuff all over their hand

- You snooze You loose - Explodes on your hand