Edible Stuffed Purses

Introduction: Edible Stuffed Purses

- These EDIBLE PURSES are not stuffed with pennies but stuffed with vegetable savoury filling .
- These are edible and can be a surprise snack for parties and small get-togethers .


- Three boiled potatoes
- One teaspoon Cumin seeds
- One tablespoon coriander seeds
- One tablespoon peanuts
- Pinch of turmeric powder
- Few Chilli flakes
- Teaspoon Red chilli powder
- Tablespoon coriander powder
- Tablespoon Chat masala
- Salt as per taste
- Cooking oil
- Few Coriander leaves

- One cup All purpose flour
- Pinch of salt
- Few crushed carrom seeds
- Two tablespoon Ghee or butter
- water (1/4 cup water)

- Small portion of white dough
- Green food colour

Step 1: Boil Potatoes

Take 3 potatoes.Boil the potatoes and smash them.

Step 2: Preparing Stuffing

_ Take little oil in vessel and when is heated add teaspoon cumin seeds when they crackle and tablespoon coriander seeds and tablespoon peanuts
_ Saute till peanuts turn crisp and crunchy.

Step 3: Add Remaining Ingredients

_ Add pinch of turmeric powder and chilli flakes.
_ Add spices teaspoon Red chilli powder,Tablespoon coriander powder.

Step 4: Add Remaining Spices

_ Add remaining spices tablespoon chat masala and salt as per taste.
_ After adding all spices mix everything.

Step 5: Add Smashed Potatoes

_ Next add boiled smashed potatoes and mix so that all spices gets nicely coated with potato mixture.
_ Finally garnish with some coriander leaves. Stuffing is ready .

Step 6: Preparing Dough for Purses

_ Take One cup All purpose flour in a bowl.Add pinch of salt and crushed carrom seeds .Give a mix.

Step 7: Add Ghee or Butter

_ Add two tablespoon melted Ghee or butter and give a mix .

Step 8: Add Water and Make a Stiff Dough

_ Add water little by little and make a stiff dough.

Step 9: Preparing Purse

_ Take small portion of the dough and flatten it
_ Cut in to small square shape as shown in my image

Step 10: Fold in to Half

_ After cutting in square shape .Fold in to half as shown in image

Step 11: Make Two Cuts

_ After folding in to half.Make 2 cuts using knife on bottom side of both sides as shown in my image.
_ After making vertical cuts make horizontal cuts at the edges .
( Please check my images for clear understanding)
_ In this way we trim small portions from edges on both sides

Step 12: Open the Folding

_ Next open the folding. ( Check my image )

Step 13: Make All Purpose Flour Paste

_ Take little All purpose flour in a bowl.Add little water and make a paste. We use this paste further to stick the creation.

Step 14: Stick All Purpose Flour Paste on 4 Corners

_ After opening the fold we need to stick All purpose flour paste on all 4 corners as shown in my image .

Step 15: Fold the Corners

_ After sticking All purpose flour paste on 4 corners we need to give small fold in the same regions.

Step 16: Again Apply All Purpose Flour Paste

_ Next again apply All purpose flour paste on 4 corners.

Step 17: Again Fold in to Half

We need to again fold in to half.

Step 18: Purse Shape Is Formed

_ After folding in to half we can see small opening at the bottom side on both corners of the purse.Stick the corners with the All purpose flour paste as shown in my 3 rd and 4 th images .
_ Finally we get purse shape.

Step 19: Open the Purse

_ Using knife or any spoon just open the purse wide because here we need to place vegetable stuffing .

Step 20: Place the Filling in the Purse

_ Take small portion of the previously prepared vegetable filling and place inside the purse

Step 21: Make Holes With Straw

_ Next we need to make purse handle. For making handle first we need to make 2 small holes on each side of purse .I used straw to make holes ( See my images )

Step 22: Cut Small Strip of Dough

_ While frying the purses stuffing should not come out of the purse .To prevent it we need to cut small strip of dough and paste on the top portion of stuffing.

Step 23: Making Purse Handle

Take small portion of dough and flatten it.cut the dough in to long stripes as shown in my images.

Step 24: Roll the Stripes

_ After cutting the stripes just roll them very thin using fingers as shown in my image

Step 25: Place in Pairs and Twine Them

Now place rolled stripes in pairs.Stick the rim using All purpose flour paste and twine one above the other.

Step 26: Attach Handle to Purse

_ Insert the twined handle in to the holes of the purse and stick with All purpose flour paste as shown in my image.
_ Repeat the same procedure and make another handle of the purse.

Step 27: Make Green Coloured Dough

After making 2 handles take small portion of white dough and add green food colour to it and knead it once again .

Step 28: Stick Green Ball at Centre of Purse

_ Make small balls with green dough and stick at the centre of purse as shown in my image

Step 29: Fry the Purse

_ After making the purse .we need to fry them.Heat oil in a wok and fry the purse on low flame.

Step 30: Enjoy Edible Purse Snacks

_ Repeat the same procedure with entire dough and make all purses.
_ Enjoy edible purses:)

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