Introduction: Edible White Chocolate-Coconut Polar Bear on Sugar Cube Igloo Sculpture

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Winter is always fun with snowy days. When I was little I used to think that sugar cubes would be cool to make an igloo but never once made it. Now that I'm all grown up (still a child at heart) I finally decided it was time to make it. This edible sculpture is a nice tribute to winter. If you make it, hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Even better this is all edible so you can enjoy eating it too.

Step 1: The Stuff You Need

To make this I just use what I had around the house and in the kitchen.  I 

1 small round bowl
1 large plate or cake turning table
1 box of sugar cube
2 lb powder sugar
1 toilet paper roll
black icing color or food dye
white melting chocolate
shredded coconut

Step 2: Making the Igloo

To make the igloo:
1. For the base you need to flip a small bowl upside down on a plate. I used oil spray on the bowl and plate just to make the sugar glue not stick to it so much but it's optional if you desire.
2. For the sugar glue of the sugar cubes you need to mix in a bowl powder sugar and water. Start  with 1-2 cups of powder sugar and 1-2 tablespoon of water. Mix well until the consistence is like a paste.  To test and ensure that it is not to watery, you can stack 2 cubes on each other with the sugar glue and side the top cube over.  If the top cube still stays on top, the sugar glue is strong enough.  Total amount of powder I used was app 1.25 lbs. 
3.  Stack the sugar cubes one by one around the circumference of the bowl and using the sugar glue to attach them together. 
A few tricks I used were:
-lightly compress with my hands around each level of cube I finished
-use a fair amount of sugar glue but not so much that it is going to be too runny
-at the top of the igloo I pour sugar glue to on the inside cubes to stabilize them
- at the highest level the cubes only stack up half way by, cutting the hidden sugar cubes below it in half before gluing them down
4.  Allow the igloo to dry completely before adding the doorway in.  To make the doorway cut the toilet paper roll to about 2/5 and use it as support.  Stack and built the sugar cubes around it with sugar glue.  Pull out the paper roll once the doorway is completely dry.

Step 3: Making the Polar Bear

I wanted a yummy polar bear so he's edible minus the toothpicks that hold his body together.
1. Melt in microwave in 20 second increments 1/4 of the bag of white chocolate candy melts.  Stir after each time in the microwave. It does not need to be hot, just melted. 
2. Mix in 1/2 cup of shredded coconut.  Then wait 3-5 minutes to allow chocolate to start to solidify again so that it is stiff but still pliable.
3.  To build the polar bear roll out the body which tends to be more pear shaped, skinnier on top and thicker on the bottom.  Use toothpicks for support to add the rolled arms and legs.  For the head roll out a circle and then thin and taper one side for the face.  Use 3-4 toothpicks for support.  Add a tail and reinforce with toothpick too. Using a tiny amount of black food color add it to a tiny amount of sugar glue and roll out a triangular shape for the nose and 2 round eyes.  Attach them onto face, they should stick relatively easily.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Yay, the main components are done. 
1. Use sugar glue to glue down the polar bear to the top of the igloo.
2. Set out a thin layer of sugar glue around the igloo.  Add fresh fallen snow by sprinkling by hand powder sugar around the igloo.
This was such a fun piece to make the sweet winter sculpture.  Might take a few days before I decide to share this by breaking it down and eating it.  The sugar cubes will most definitely get hacked off cube by cube into a nice warm drink like hot chocolate by a cozy fire.

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