Introduction: Edison Bulb Table Lamp

How to built a simple good looking table lamp in only 3 simple steps.

During my Holidays in Sweden I saw those nice warm glowing vintage light bulbs and I decided to build me a simple table lamp with an exposed Edison Bulb. The right thing for dark Winter days.

Now, let´s take a look at the stuff we´ll need.

1. Tools and Material

1.1 Tools

Wood sharpener


Power Drill

Wood drilling bits 10mm and 14mm

Metal drilling bit 9mm




Tapper M10x1

1.2 Material

1 Tree Slice diam. approx.200mm, thickness approx. 35mm

1 Strain relief

1 Nylon cable tie

4 Door stoppers

1 Aluminium Tube 14x3x250mm

1 Threaded tube M10x1 L=30mm

1 Threaded tube M10x1 L=40mm

1 Ring washer M10 with ground connection

2m Textile Cable 3x0,75mm2 with plug

1 Light bulb socket E27 with On/Off Switch

1 Edison Bulb E27 40W

Step 1: Step 1: Preparing the Base

The base of our lamp should be sturdy enough, a tree slice with a diameter of 200mm and 35mm thickness should be okay. I took a slice of a plum tree trunk because of its nice colour. Note that the wood should be well dried.

1. Take off the bark and grind the slice to remove all splints.

2. Drill a 14mm hole in the centre of the disc with a depth of 20mm. Finish the hole with a 10mm drill bit (15mm depth).

Rem.: If you want to protect the wood, you can apply a coat of wood oil on the slice. Mind to remove the excessive oil from the surface before it gets dry.

3. Affix the strain relief and the 4 rubber stoppers on the down side of the base. Push the cable tie through the strain relief. Mind that the height of the stoppers should allow enough room for the cord.

For those who own a 3d printer, I added the stl-file for the strain relief.

Step 2: Step 2: Preparing the Tube

The aluminium tube is the intermediate piece between base and bulb socket and hides inside the electric cable. The mechanical fastening is made with a threaded tube on both ends.

1. Drill a hole with 9mm diameter and 22 mm depth in one extremity (base side) and 20 mm depth in the other extremity (bulb socket side) of the aluminium tube. Mind to adjust the length of the thread according to the thickness of your slice if <> 35mm.

2. Cut the two M10x1 threads. If necessary, sand the tube to obtain a uniform surface.

The assembly of the pipe is carried out together with the pull through of the cable in the next step.

Step 3: Step 3: Assembling and Wiring the Lamp

All the items are ready for assembling now.

1. Thread the cord through the threaded tube, the base, the aluminium tube, the second threaded tube and the bulb socket. Let 5 to 8 cm of cord about the tube to connect the socket.

2. Screw the M10x1 threaded tubes in the aluminium tube and apply some threadlocker. Mind to keep a length of 18 mm thread on one (base) and 10 mm on the other extremity (bulb socket) of the tube.

3. Screw the socket on the tube and secure it against unfasten with the screw.

4. Wire the socket with the on/off switch and assemble it. Start with the earthing wire (green/yellow wire). If necessary, adapt the earthing washer according to the socket and affix it with an M10 nut on the threaded tube. Connect the phase to the switch (brown wire). Mind to link the switch (white wire) to the contact sheet on the bottom of the socket (it´s safer in case there´s no bulb in the socket). Connect the neutral (blue wire) to the second contact sheet.

5. Assemble the socket.

6. Affix the tube on the base. To keep enough space for the cord, the threaded tube should not protrude more than 3mm (=thickness of the M10x1 nut).

7. Secure the cord on the strain relief.

8. Screw the lightbulb into the socket and plug in your lamp.

9. Let the sun shine :-)

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