Introduction: Edison Flight Controller

The H45 is a Drone Open Hardware that is under development . The Drone will consist of parts in carbon fiber and plastic ABS .

For the flight control there is a need to develop a specific hardware because the project has a number of peculiarities that we not found in existing controllers in the market.

Step 1: The Drone

The Drone will have the ability to load 4 kg (total weight). It can be used for filming , agribusiness, monitoring, hobby , etc.

Step 2: Flight Mechanics

The system is based on the tilt of the motors .

Step 3: Mechanical Parts

The mechanical parts are being designed exclusively for the drone . Some parts are in ABS or PLA plastic. Those that will have greater mechanical stress will be carbon fiber.

Step 4: Electronics

The electronics will be used already on the market elements. It will consist mainly of :

2 - batteries ;
1 - receiver ;
4 - motors;
2 - servo motors;
4 - ECS;

To control all the IntelEdison Flight Controller.

Step 5: Edison Flight Controller

The flight controller will bring together sensors that will work together gathering position information, altitude, acceleration, etc. that will be processed by Intel Edison.

Intel Edison gather the information making the processing required for full control of the drone.

I hope you enjoy the project. Thank you.