Introduction: Edison Origami Box/Tray

I will Teach you how to make a very easy and fast Box/Tray made from paper of any sizes.

This can be use to:

  1. organize your work table
  2. box certain items
  3. or a temporary tray when working on some project so not to misplace screws

There is the basic method where you will make a box.

and a slightly advance method where you can control the width depth and height of the box.

Materials you need:

paper-any paper, new paper scratch paper card board. paper that has been printed on both side.

as long as you can fold it. you can try in sheet metal if you want :)))

Step 1: Layout Your Paper

Start by finding the middle of the paper.

(finding the middle is for basic, if you want to go for the advance no need to get the middle)

Step 2: Close Door Fold

fold the side of the paper to the desired location

(for now, the middle)

Step 3:

fold the corner of the paper now located in the center outward reaching the folded edge of step 1

Step 4:

undo/unfold step 3

Step 5:

Do edge triangle fold equally on the folded edge and paper corner

Step 6:

refold again like in step 3.

Step 7:

do a fold on the top and bottom using the triangle as reference

Step 8:

lift the wall up now and fold it to its box/tray shape

Step 9: Finish Box

your done

Step 10: Step 10: Cover or Whats to Be Covered

using the same size of paper

cut or fold about 3 to 5 mm on the size. and do the same fold-this is to reduce the size of the box.

(shown in picture, the highlighted in yellow is to be folded or removed)

Step 11: More Precise/Exact/Accurate Box

if you have a specific dimension. you can use this template to have a more precise size.



W=Width or can be length... (which ever makes you happy)

you can follow the video on the first page of this Instructable. :)

Thank you.

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